Summer Premiere at Humlan with performances from Surfers

By on May 23, 2018

On Friday May 25th, Humlan, Stockholm’s most beautiful and lush outdoor seating center opens in the middle of Humlegården, which this season will feature a performance from Surfers.

Surfers have been a success for many years in Visby and in recent years, even in Stockholm, with its relaxed interpretation of the tasteful Sichuan cookie. Surfers offer a culinary experience with prepared and tasty surf food in the form of snacks from the spicy parts of China. At Surfers it is summer all year, feng shuin is always on top, the drinks are beautiful and colorful and the beer is always cold.

Small Talk With Surfers Mymlan….

We asked some short questions to Mymlan, founder of surfers and responsible for Surfers in Humlan this summer!

Hello Mymlan, what fun you’re moving in to us during the summer, how does it feel?
“We are so glad that we will now have the opportunity to move our restaurant Surfers from Regeringsgatan 88 a stone’s throw away and land in the wonderful Humlan at Humlegårdsgatan 24!”

Tell me about Surfers, the concept, the inspiration, etc.?
“Surfers is a Chinese restaurant whose main focus is food wise from the province of Sichuan in southwest China. A saying goes that China is the country for food but Sichuan is the place for taste. So much taste in other words!”

What should not to be missed on the menu, any personal favorites?
“You as a guest of us should not miss the lucky raccoons together with a chengdu schnaza, a drink made of mango, mint, ginger and gin!”

What does the perfect evening look like at Humlan & Surfers?
“I look in front of me lovely long seatings where people come and go while the afternoon turns into evening and you’ll be there in the fantastic summer night.”

See you on Friday, May 25, with a summer atmosphere 7 days a week, throughout the summer!

Opening Hours Monday-Thursday 16: 00-02: 00, Friday-Sunday 15: 00-02: 00

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