STRUCTURES, pictures in glass by Elisabeth Henriksson at Konsthantverkarna

By on March 9, 2017

S T R U C T U R E R Pictures in glass.
Elisabeth Henriksson presents her first exhibition
at Konsthantverkarna, at Slussen in Stockholm 11 – 29 March 2017

Elisabeth Henriksson often return to the repetition of the simple elements, how small parts together build larger entities. Facing this her first exhibition at Konsthantverkarna, she has worked with pictures in glass.

Henriksson has worked with the transparency of the glass in light boxes, where the light gets every detail of the glass to appear. She has been working with hot glass in the hut, which is then sawn and melted together (fusat) in different formations.

Under a multi-year design assignments at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg, investigated Henriksson glass in combination with X-rays and other imaging techniques where transparency was the common denominator. She was x-rayed medicinal plants and then processed images. The work at the Sahlgrenska has served as inspiration for the work that is currently displayed.

Light boxes brings the thoughts to laboratory or hospital. Perhaps borrows the beholder researcher’s eyes and look at the pictures as a piece of nature or human body, outsized cells or organisms seen through a microscope.

– During the work I have been open to what happens in the process. It has been an experimental work with the material; how different colors react with each other, the test of different melting temperatures mm. In the expression, I have searched for the sketchy and surfaces reminiscent of watercolor or ink, says Elisabeth Henriksson.

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