By on January 4, 2017

He is the UK rapper turned upside down on the domestic hip-hop scene with his avantgrime and South London-flow and become an international affair. When he recently visited the Way Out West, he got a full-smeared Linnaeus Tent falling into complete state of dissolution. Stormzy is the next level.

A hypnotic mixtape and a slaughter debut EP paved the way for the appointment of Best Grime on the MOBO Awards in 2014. There and then he opened the doors, but it was in 2015 and the freestyle fragrant WickedSkengMan 4, he established himself in our homes seriously. Without backup from either the label or radio, he was still one of the most hyped names in the hip hop world in true DIY spirit. Shut Up is now at nearly 37 million views on YouTube and reached last winter an impressive top 20 spot on the British charts.

Now is Stormzy in full swing to finish writing the debut album, but that has not stopped him from dropping very heavy surprise tunes periodically anyway. Please let us introduce evidence a) standard, b) One Take and c) Scary.

“Sometimes I just need to say something right now. Things I wanted to get it off my chest. No matter what campaign I’m on, I always want to be able to drop a track whenever I want.” 

When he visited earlier this year and took a verse on Cherries Never Again (feel like that), he reached closer to the depths of our Swedish hearts than British culture come in a long time. The love for Stormzy – aka The Problem, aka Big Mike, aka Stiff Chocolate – has grown tremendously in Sweden recently as the imponderande audience at his gig in Way Out West is proof. Something tells us that this is just the beginning.

fre 27 jan 2017 Nobelberget, Sickla Stockholm

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