By on May 24, 2017

Corey Taylor’s Stone Sour is back. The new album Hydrograd will be released on June 30, and now it is clear that they will come to Sweden for a concert at the Annexet in Stockholm on November 16th. Joining Stockholm, like Very Special Guests, they have also praised The Pretty Reckless with the actor and model Taylor Momsen in the lead.

Tickets will be released on Friday, May 26 at 9.00.

After five masterful albums, sold in millions, Grammy nominations and sold out tours around our globe, Stone Sour is finally back with new material. In late June the awaited album Hydrograd is released. The first single from the album is the awesome “Fabuless” released along with a music video directed by Paul Brown – the video is on Stone Sour’s official Youttube channel here >>.

2012 and 2013, they released the masterpiece “House of Gold & Bones” in two parts – Part 1 and Part 2. Both albums reached top scores on countless lists and were honored as just masterpieces in the media and not least by fans. In 2015 came Straight Outta Burbank, an EP where Stone Sour interprets songs by none other than Bad Brains, Iron Maiden, The Rolling Stones, Mötley Crüe, and Slayer.

With the above-mentioned heavy album in mind, it’s nevertheless that live act like Stone Sour is the very best. They have built their fan crowd worldwide all over the world for a lot of years, and nobody is happier than we know it’s time and Sweden and Stockholm to host one of these tour dates.

As if this were not enough, Stone Sour will take along The Pretty Reckless. The American rock band with actress and model Taylor Momsen in the lead (best known from Gossip Girl) has never been to Sweden in the past, though they have been playing a lot on radio for a long time. This is on time.

See you at the Annex on November 16th!

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