Stockholm’s most fragrant exhibition

By on November 12, 2018
Edvard Koinberg

Few Swedish feasts smell and taste as much as Christmas. Spicy mulled wine, crispy gingerbread cakes and carnation scented oranges awaken feelings and create atmosphere. Something to look forward to when winter is as cold and dark. Plan a visit to Spritmuseum’s new exhibition A seasoned Christmas – Christmas drinks and flavors to awaken the very special feeling: Now it’s Christmas again!

The exhibition will be shown November 14 – January 13, 2019.

Why do we use so many spices in Christmas drinks? What have the spices been used for and how do they smell? Follow on a sensible walk among Christmas drinks. Captivating photographs of spices and other flavors, taken by Edvard Koinberg, fill the walls.

The exhibition tells the stories behind Christmas drinks and how they found their place at the Christmas table. The Christmas beer has its origins as far back as the 900’s when the Vikings filled their beverage corn with spiced beer. The mulled wine became an tradition of Christmas already in the 1800s and in 2017 there were 71 variants in Systembolaget’s assortment. Scandinavian vodka has been spiced for centuries, but it was not until 1994 that the seasoned Christmas snaps were found on Systembolaget. And the Christmas must has an unthreatened position as the Swedish Christmas table’s non-alcoholic alternative number one. Visitors have the opportunity to smell some twenty spices and flavors while atmospheric Christmas music fills the room.

The walls are decorated with photographer Edvard Koinberg’s painterly beautiful images of spicy herbs, berries and fruits. Koinberg is one of our premier photographers of plant life and garden with more than 20 years in the industry. Koinberg has published books and made hundreds of exhibitions around the world, including the noted “Herbarium Amoris”, which is a tribute to Swedish scientist Carl von Linné. The exhibition at Spritmuseum shows more than 20 images of spices, berries and fruits that belong to Christmas.

Christmas dinner with viewing and tasting
Right now, the chefs at the Spritmuseum are preparing to make both Christmas beer, mulled wine and seasoned snaps. Of course, a liquor museum will offer its own interpretations on the classic drinks. On November 22th and until Christmas, the Spritmuseum’s restaurant invites you to a unique Christmas dinner. The evening begins with a display in the museum, with taste samples of both food and drink from the critique-roasted kitchen of Spritmuseum, and at least 10 “åfanismer” of Christmas traditions and drinks are brought.

The following Christmas dinner is based on traditional raw materials in new vintage. The spiced tasting menu created by Petter Nilsson and his team consists of six servers with a little extra before and a little after.

*åfanism – å fan, things you probably did not have a clue about.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm