Stockholm’s first woodwork festival goes off in Alby

By on March 26, 2017

On 12-14 May arranges Sloyd Stockholm in cooperation with Subtopia the first woodwork festival ever in the capital region. Wood, people and tools as the festival is called, is aimed at all ages, lasts three days and is a venue for sloyd- and carpentry curious from all over the country. Among other things, visitors will be able to learn how to maintenance tools, try to carve and other types of wooden handicrafts, all under the guidance of experienced tutors.

Sloyd is an area with many practitioners, but few venues. We have in recent years seen an increased demand for this type of event and we are delighted to be able to arrange the festival here in Botkyrka with Subtopia. In this way gets all curious a chance to meet each other and maybe discover something new, says Mattias Broström which is home crafts consultant in the hard sloyd on Sloyd Stockholm.

The festival is about three things. First offered a meeting place for people with an interest and involvement in the subject where even the curious and uninitiated can discover the joy of wood and handicraft. In the second place is the location, Subtopia in Alby, particularly suitable because many cultures and knowledge are gathered here. Finally is the festival’s vision that both young people and adults should have the opportunity to engage and influence the festival’s content. As part of this idea are invited therefore non-profit and organized actors to participate in planning and implementation of the festival. It is possible to register your interest here >>

– Subtopia in Alby is an artistic free zone and platform for opportunities that can both delight many and reach up to the stars. At a time when many want to define the boundaries we scout after that which repeals them. Sloyd and artwork is a typical such zone, which also cross-fertilize across generations. It’s very gratifying and prick safe to Stockholm’s first festival of sloyd takes place right here, says Karin Lekberg, head of Subtopia.

Sloyd Stockholm is one of Stockholm County Council’s six county functions in the cultural sphere and has since 2013 the Stockholm County Museum as principal. The approach is project-oriented, innovation-oriented and cross-border. Sloyd Stockholm coordinates and develops the sloyd area throughout the county. Cooperation takes place with the other consultant offices throughout the country.

Subtopia is a cultural cluster for entrepreneurial dreams and ideas. A platform that works in several ways with the community and social development. Subtopia cooperates with local residents, children, adolescents and adults to create and support the circus, film studios, urban art, dance and music. The festival will take place in the “The Bakery“, located in Subtopia area, about 7 minutes from Albys metro.

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