Stockholm’s experiences is collected

By on April 11, 2017

City Museum and the Stockholm County Museum is asking the people of Stockholm to share their experiences of Friday’s deeds in the city, as documentation for the future.

Friday, April 7, at 14:53 Stockholm was hit by a supposed terrorist attack on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm. Many people were affected directly and on the spot, but the event will affect many more. Especially those who live in and around the city. It is an event that everyone will carry with them. Unfortunately, it will also become part of the story of Stockholm.

Thoughts, memories, pictures, discussions and postings on social media around the event is important to preserve. Therefore ask the City Museum and the Stockholm County Museum of private photographs, stories and conversations in connection with the attack, to save them for posterity. All locals are welcome to contribute, whether they are living, working or visiting the city at the time. You’re also welcome to join if you were in another place and had contact with a loved one in the city of the terrible things that happened.

On the website one can contribute in three ways:

– uploading photographs, which Stockholm County Museum then archive,
– submit stories, which are then included in the City Museum’s documentation,
– take screenshots of conversation threads on Facebook with friends, loved ones, which is then saved for research.

Photos that is submitted will be public and can be used for future research. You can remain anonymous when submitting stories. Screenshots from Facebook will not be made public, but only saved for research.

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