Stockholm Student Housing says thank you with tacos

By on September 13, 2018

60 years ago, Stockholm’s student housing estates were formed by driven students who wanted to change the housing market in Stockholm. After generations of driven students, we are the largest in Sweden in student housing. We want to thank the students and go on a Tack(Thanks)-o tour that stays in six of our residential areas and offers tacos.

The fact that no-one has to refrain from studies due to housing shortage was driven by the fact that the students took the case in their own hands and formed their own student housing company in 1958. That was the case back then and that’s the case today. The students have since characterized our business. It is thanks to several generations of students who helped to develop Stockholm’s student life and, in turn, pushed our business forward to now celebrating 60 years.

During a two week period, a Food Truck will go on a thank-you tour to six different places and invite the students to tacos for festive tones.

“The students are both the basis for our existence and the soul of our business, which now celebrates 60 years,” says Ingrid Gyllfors, CEO of Stockholm Student Housing. It feels, of course, a little fancy to thank our students with tacos as a jubilee activity. When I studied, “Free is always good” so we hope it is so still and the students want to celebrate with us.”

The tour starts at Lappkärrsberget on September 17th, then goes on to: Kungshamra 18/9, Strix 24/9, Jerum 1/10, Frigg Sickla 4/10 and finishes at Niponet 8/10. Celebration takes place at. 16-18 at each place.

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