Stockholm Pride ends at Gröna Lund

By on July 18, 2017

Stockholm Pride starts on July 31st and one of the news for this year is to end the entire festival week with a family day at Gröna Lund on Sunday 6 August. The family day is in the rainbow sign, where visitors are invited to a closing event at Main Stage at 18:00 with among others Anne-Lie Rydé, Magnus Carlsson, Marlene, Rickard Söderberg, Thomas Sekelius and Åsa Jinder.

Stockholm Pride is an annual recurring festival in Stockholm, aimed at visualizing hbtq issues and creating a free zone for gay, bisexual, trans and queer people and the gender expressions found in the hbtq movement.

During the festival week there are activities all around Stockholm, but new for this year is that the week ends with a family day in the colors of the rainbow on Sunday 6 August at Gröna Lund. Family Day is a collaboration between Stockholm Pride and Gröna Lund and is a day to mark everyone’s equal value and the right to a life of security, no matter who you are.

– Stockholm Pride attaches great importance to the festival being for everyone in society. Therefore, it feels great to be able to put the closing day at Gröna Lund, a place that most Stockholmers have a clear relationship with, says President of Stockholm Pride Haydar Adelson.

– Stockholm Pride is one of the year’s most important affairs for all Stockholmers. In Gröna Lund’s values, we have an expression that lays us extra warmly about the heart, namely “Everyone is equal welcome always”. Pride Week is about basic human rights for all, so this cooperation feels both important and at the same time very fun, says Magnus Widell, CEO of Gröna Lund.

Stockholm Pride Day at Gröna Lund Sunday 6 August

Stockholm Pride Day at Gröna Lund takes place Sunday 6 August between kl. 10.00-22.00. Everyone who has the Stockholm Pride weekly band has a free entrance (all children 0-6 years old and old-age pensioners also have free admission). At 18.00 begins the final gala at Main Stage, led by the dragshow artist Adam Risberg (Admira Thunderpussy). Performance does among others Anne-Lie Rydé, Evelina Olsén, Gunilla Backman, Inger Nilsson, Laila Adele, Linda Lampenius, Magnus Carlsson, Marlene, Pay TV, Rickard Söderberg, Thomas Sekelius and Åsa Jinder. The evenings house band is guided by Chapel Champion Carina E Nilsson.

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