Stockholm premiere – the show The missionary

By on September 20, 2016

In connection with the project Stockholm Region Unstraight presents the Stockholm County Museum the show The missionary by choreographer and concepts maker Malin Hellkvist Sellén. The work shows for the first time in Stockholm 8-9 October at the Stockholm County Museum with its first performance at the Women’s History Museum in Umeå on 22 September. The performances organized in collaboration with Dance in Stockholm City and County (DIS).

Lesbians Christian missionaries in northern Sweden in the early 1900s, can they really have existed? Choreographer and concept creator Malin Hellkvist Selléns show The missionary claim it and want to take with you on a trip where you meet women in different ways violated the norms and conventions.

We want the project Stockholm Region Unstraight identify and highlight places in the county who are or have been important for the LGBT community, says Annelie Kurttila who is head of unit at Stockholm County Museum. We therefore think that the show The missionary fits well into the context.

We simply want to make the queer story to a part of the general historiography. Malin Hellkvist Selléns show highlights these issues in a very interesting and exciting way, continues Annelie. We are delighted to be able to view the show with us.

The performance The missionary created from equal parts facts as imagination and opens up conversation about historiography consequences, interpreting power and opportunities. Performance using speech, movement and song. It portrays stories that holds urgent issues of identity, women’s life, work, sexuality and faith. The missionary is a love story, a song of praise and a playful way to give a piece of erased history body again.

Malin Hellkvist Sellén works with choreography in a broader sense. She explores choreography through a physical and linguistic expression. The processes starts almost always in need of talking to yourself, the participants, a contemporary dance context, audience and even the public.

With her work explores Malin Hellkvist Sellén limits of what is possible and tear thus barriers to choreography room. She has quickly established herself as a leading feminist voice in Swedish Performing Arts.

The show will last approximately 50 minutes. From 15 years.

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