Stockholm love

By on October 26, 2016

Necking on Skeppsholmen, deep kisses in Varberg, a quickie in the conference room and bondage on Tanto Mount. Stockholm’s authentic stories about love and heartache meetings will take place at Café Klara in November. Portrayed on stage by Sten Ljunggren, Elisabet Carlsson, Ali Sahimpor, Simon Reithner, Matilda Ragnerstam and Emanuelle Davin. Director Andreas Kundler. First performance November 11, at 21:15 at Café Klara, Culture City Theatre.

Stockholm Love is a new play based on a number of Stockholmers authentic stories about the great love. All have in common that they depict love with the exterior prevented in any way. And it is quite explicit in some places.

We want to horny people up a bit. You should get a little rosy cheeks on the end. A little tingly simply. I missed theater that may be a little rated R, says Andreas Kundler which stands for directing.

The show will play at Café Klara in the evening and it will be possible to eat and drink during the performance.

– This is a new concept for us: rated R late night show which you can drink beer to. And who knows – maybe you meet someone in the bar afterwards to go home with? says Andreas Kundler.

The play is based on interviews with dozens of locals. The interviews are conducted by Amanda Glans, producer of Storydox.

We have one word for love. But it can appear in so many different ways. Everyone I interviewed have their own way to love. The common is that love runs deep and sets everything else at game, says Amanda Glans.

Stockholm love is part of the Culture City Theatre investment in documentary storytelling and project Stockholm talks that were initiated in the spring of Dritëro Kasapi, assistant theater and performing arts manager. Unlike the telling scene evenings held at Café Klara last spring where people told their stories on stage, it is in the case of Stockholm love actors who portray the stories.

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