Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre in a unique billion initiative

By on March 4, 2017

Starting winter 2019 will Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre to undergo a thorough renovation of the buildings’ technical installations. During the construction period of 18 months moves the entire operation at Sergel Square to the alternative sites and scenes all around Stockholm.

House of Culture, Peter Celsings architectural masterpiece, was opened in 1971 and 1974 and the technical installations in the house will soon have reached its service life. Stockholm City Real Estate and Stockholm City Theatre AB has agreed on a joint proposal for the refurbishment include replacement of installations for electricity, plumbing, ventilation, improved fire safety, and the remediation of hazardous substances. The mission is to ensure that the premises are durable, functional and reliable – especially important in crowded and public buildings such as Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre.

Now we are investing one billion to renovate Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre which is a natural center for all Stockholm. The renovation will also be a wonderful opportunity and a chance to temporarily move the center point to several locations around the city, says Roger Mogert, culture vice mayor in Stockholm.

Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre will present theater performances, arranging debates, producing art exhibitions and author talks and more as usual. It will take place in cooperation with the independent cultural, art associations and institutions, but also by untried paths to reach a new audience of unique locations around Stockholm. Park Theatre, Theatre Circuit and operations in Skärholmen and Vällingby will be conducted as usual.

– This is a unique opportunity to approach our visitors and our audience, and an experience that we can use when we move back. It is a great initiative that the City of Stockholm makes for culture. And we will not leave the house completely – we will use the Sergel Square in any way, such plans already exist, says Benny Fredriksson, CEO of Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre.

Moving out operations provisionally shorten the project time and is economically and planning terms most advantageous.

After moving in 2020 comes as an example, the ground floor of House of Culture get a clearer mark of “audience and visitors center” with ticket sales, information, closet, etc. An investment in an inviting way into the house for visitors.

The case is pending in the Stockholm City Theatre AB’s board on March 13th, in the Property Management Committee on 14 March. Later this spring City Council makes a policy decision.

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