Stockholm Hippie Market 2018

By on June 2, 2018

The success is back! Same time and same place as last year: National Day 6 June, from 12.00, in Vintervikens Trädgård.

With lessons from last year we aim to offer you a bigger, finer, more fun and more memorable market, filled with even more beautiful stuff and wonderful experiences for the whole family.

Do not miss this chance to squeeze, feel, smell and try all these things that you only see online. Shop a lot and find lots of “hard to get” gadgets and crafts.

Once again we take the stage in the delightful Vintervikens Trädgård for a full day in the sun filled with chilly music, swing and love.

Just like last year, the music event “Chillival” is held in the park while the market is running, new to this year that we will have a limited amount of visitors to the Chillivalen. This in order to see to everyone’s needs and ensure a safe environment. Therefore, this year we charge a fee to the Chillival area.

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