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By on June 18, 2019

Stockholm has a large selection of different types of boutique hotels that attract tourists from all over the world.

New statistical from shows that the visitors who bring the most revenue to Stockholm’s boutique hotel come from the UK, Germany and the US. The guests from these countries account for around 40% of the bookings, but represent approximately 58% of the income to Stockholm’s boutique hotel. The statistics are based on thousands of bookings of boutique hotels in Stockholm in 2018 and 2019.

The concept of “boutique hotel” has gone through the last few years and usually refers to smaller hotels with unique interior design, personal feel and design, the concept being used mainly in the English-speaking parts of the world, for example, popular boutique hotels in Stockholm are Lydmar Hotel, Bank Hotel and Ett Hem.

Among young people, it becomes more common that the hotel, rather than the travel destination itself, decides where to choose to spend their stay. This is largely due to Instagram and other social media.

We Swedes are also common visitors to Stockholm’s boutique hotel but stay in three cases of four only one night per stay. As a contrast, hotel guests from the US stay an average of about three nights per stay, making a reservation from an American guest worth three times as much as a Swedish booking.

More and more Swedes choose to stay in boutique hotels when traveling abroad, especially when it comes to weekend trips. The main boutique hotel destinations for Swedes in the past year are Copenhagen, Berlin, Lisbon, London and Paris. Lisbon has in recent years grown to become one of Europe’s hottest destinations and attracts many trend-sensitive travelers. The city has many affordable boutique hotels.

The 10 most common nationalities among Stockholm’s boutique hotel guests, based on the number of bookings:

  1. UK
  2. Germany
  3. Sweden
  4. USA
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Switzerland
  7. Norway
  8. Australia
  9. Denmark
  10. Belgium

The 10 most common boutique hotel destinations for Swedish travelers, based on the number of bookings:

  1. Stockholm
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Berlin
  4. Lisbon
  5. London
  6. Paris
  7. New York
  8. Rome
  9. Barcelona
  10. Palma (Mallorca)

Hotell Lydmar is an elegant boutique hotel located on the waterfront overlooking the Old Town and the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Blique by Nobis is a modern hotel concept with a focus on architecture, design and other aesthetic expressions, located in a building designed by architect Sigurd Lewerentz.

Best Western Plus Hotel Frantz is a newly opened boutique hotel with an attractive location on Södermalm in Stockholm.

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About the survey: is one of the world’s largest sites for finding boutique hotels around the world. About five million people visit the site annually. The statistics in the survey are based on thousands of bookings over the past year.