STHLM TAPAS brings six guests to Barcelona

By on October 17, 2016

STHLM TAPAS want more people to experience the glorious lifestyle Barcelona offers and therefore take six of their guests on a trip to the lovely coastal town. Through an Instagram contest allows STHLM TAPAS their guests compete for three prizes where each winner will receive a trip for two to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city known for more than its tapas and lovely beaches. Many returned from the trip and talks passionately about the culture and lifestyle and how easy it is with everything that we in Sweden tend to complicate things. It is the simple and unaffected as most drawn to. Not the perfect table setting or the way the waiter pours the wine.

We want to get the chance to know our guests in environments other than in our own restaurant. To experience Barcelonas played down and yet magical restaurant scene with 6 of our guests is something we talked about a long time but finally implements, says Peter Zander, one of the owners of STHLM TAPAS GROUP.

In connection with STHLM TAPAS launches its new after work on Thursdays, which is known as the Ruta de STHLM TAPAS, also starts the Instagram contest where it is enough to check in at any of the group’s four restaurants, take any photo which STHLM TAPAS logo or partner Estrella Damm star visible somewhere and then use the hashtag #sthlmtapas or #rutadesthlmtapas. A jury of STHLM TAPAS Management (3pers) and a representative from Estrella Damm chooses the winners based on the best photo.

We are incredibly proud to carry out this kind of competition and had it not been for our close and wonderful partnership with Estrella Damm had it not been so obvious. It is so nice to have partners who love life in Barcelona as much as we, said Patrick Nendrén who founded STHLM TAPAS for about 4.5 years ago.

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