Star pianist Ludovico Einaudi returns to Sweden

By on November 21, 2017

The last time he was in Sweden 1,5 years ago, it became a rush when the tickets were released and the sold out concert at Circus in Stockholm was something out of the ordinary and amazing. Italian star pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi is celebrated wherever he comes, and is with his minimalist and incredibly captivating music something extraordinary.

On April 4, the champion finally returns to Sweden for a concert at the Annexet in Stockholm. The tickets were released yesterday, November 20th.

With one foot in the world of classical music and the other in the world of popular culture – through his award-winning film and television music and his seemingly uncomplicated and minimalist piano music – he has built up a broad and dedicated audience from all musical camps in recent decades.

He is one of the most frequent recurring and played artists in Spotify’s different tracklists with atmospheric music and is featured in lists with names such as “Peaceful Piano”, “Music for Concentration” and “Cinematic Chill-Out”. The names of the lists tell you about how the music sounds and what it gives the listener, but experiencing Ludovico live is even more atmospheric, uplifting and amazing. Something out of the ordinary.

See you at the Annex in April. This you don’t want to miss!

4/4 – Annexet, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm