Stairway to Heaven at Linnégatan 87

By on September 19, 2019

The occupation of the National Board of Health & Welware – “We are angry, not kind, we are gay. Now the stamp has to go away, otherwise the process will be short!”

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In 1979 the staircase of the National Board of Health & Welfare in Stockholm was occupied by a group of activists who demanded that homosexuality must stop being classified as a disease in Sweden. As a result of the occupation the Director General Barbro Westerholm pushed the issue and decided to within a few weeks declare homosexuality as “healthy”.

Now 40 years later, Cinema Queer returns to this historically important place, showing the American documentary Gay USA, as a tribute to international solidarity and all the activists who paved the way.

The staircase is located at Linnégatan 87 and now belongs to Stockholms konstnärliga högskola, the day is Wednesday 25 September 2019!

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