Stage art spring 2018 on the outer city scenes

By on December 13, 2017
Sören Vilks

Katarina Taikon’s book series about Katitzi is set up as a family performance in Vällingby. In Skärholmen, The Laramie Project receives the play of the first murder, classified as hate crime, Sweden premier. And Kretsteatern celebrates 1 year anniversary with Sing-along concert with Ayla Kabaca and a repertoire that offers everything from philosophical desert poetry to Barbro Hörberg visor. These are some of the news in the spring stage arts repertoire at Stadsteaterns outer city scenes.

The acclaimed author and human rights defender Katarina Taikon’s book series about Katitzi is set up as a family performance in Vällingby. There will be a timeless interpretation about shaping your identity and finding the courage to stand up for yourself and feel pride. In dramatization by Emma Broström with newly produced music by Dijle Yigitbas. The directing makes Mia Winge.

– Katitzi gives life force. I hope the show will also do it. And that everyone, regardless of what you’re fighting with, will leave the performance stronger. The performance takes place in another era, but it gives keys to what is happening in our society today. And that’s serious – still, many Romans are forced to deny their identity or end up in exclusion because of it. And unfortunately, it’s an exclusion that many in our society are in. It’s absolutely unreasonable, says Mia Winge.

In the roles we see Siham Shurafa, Meliz Karlge, Linda Kunze, Danne Dahlin, Isa Aouifia and Aja Rodas. Premiere March 8, 2018 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Vällingby. From 8 years of age in the adult company.

Katarina Taikon (1932-1995) was one of Sweden’s leading human rights fighters. She wrote the books about Katitzi as part of her struggle: she turned to children and young people so that next-generation politicians would face the situation of the Romans with greater understanding – for Roma to have the same rights as non-Romans.

The spring’s major initiative in Skärholmen becomes The Laramie Project, a play of the brutal murder of a young gay man in 1998 in the small town of Laramie, USA. The event became a great news all over the world and one of the first murders that was clearly classified as hate crime. The play is about everything that makes it possible – and will – happen again in many different places.

– When Matthew Shepard was beaten to death, I was 25 years old. It was then that hate crime became a word with clear meaning to me. I read the play maybe 10 years ago, and already thought that it was a good text, but that social development was a little out of it and that we were heading elsewhere. But then I saw it in the bookshelf again shortly after the presidential election in the United States. The play was the same and yet another one in a contemporary era as it has caught up, said Carolina Frände, director and artistic director of Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen.

The Laramie Project is based on interviews with the residents of Laramie. The play has been played around the world since the premiere in New York 20 years ago. It is a play about what should be equal to all but, in reality, it is not: human worth. On March 9, it is Sweden’s premier in Skärholmen, directed by Carolina Frände, director and artistic director of Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen. The performance is from 16 years old and in the roles we see Mattias Brunn, Rebecca Kaneld, Chatarina Larsson, Maria Nohra, Isak Nordström (trainee from Theater Academy in Luleå), Daniel Nyström, Simon Rodriguez, Per Öhagen and singer Frida Öhrn.

Skärholmen also sets up Vända och vrida. A dance performance about taking on the inner worlds of the body and daring to rely on that feeling that bubbles in the stomach sometimes. Jensi (folk musician Jens Comen) and Sinkalonkan (choreographer and dancer Sindri Runudde) improvise with sound and touch and goes hunting for new worlds. From 5 years. Premiere 21 February.

Kretsteatern celebrates a year of several news, including Ayla’s song from a hot air balloon, an interactive family concert with the children’s program idol Ayla Kabaca. Ayla Kabaca is famous for many children through her work on, among other things, the SVT Children’s Channel, the Concert Hall and the success of Barnens Allsång på Skansen. Along with Klas Backman, Ayla Kabaca creates Aya’s song from a hot air balloon especially for Kretsteatern. World premiere with three-person band January 11th at the Blue House Tensta.

Seluah Alsaatis celebrated her self-biographical performance Inte din baby about standing up for herself and her body, also visible in Kretsteatern’s voluminous program, as well as the audience and critics’ success Nu när jag ändå är här with Lennart Hjulströms and Gunilla Nyroos. Kretsteater tour also offers two children’s book classicals – Mina och Kåge in the Marionette Theater stage-management and Den lille prinsen of the Arab Theater. The latter is played in Arabic, but is subtitled in Swedish. A investment for more people to discover the theater. Something that the business artistic director Sissela Kyle emphasizes is the Kretsteaterns most important role.

– To meet the audience at their home ground and seeing their pride and satisfaction is a receipt that what we are doing is right. Our new program hopefully attracts even more audiences than before. We hope to be a recurring and natural part of the neighborhood image. And it feels like a nice visit to just ALL who live there, says Sissela Kyle.

The other program activities of Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Vällingby can be mentioned: Dance hall with Binta Blackout, The listens serie Tala med together with Streetgäris and Book Monday with among others Alexander Salzberger and Lawen Mohtadi.

At Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen there are also films from all over the world for different ages throughout the spring at the newly opened Skärisbiografen.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm