Stadshuskällaren goes to the forest

By on April 28, 2017

Stadshuskällaren refined its gastronomic idea; In the forest. In the city.

– We bring Swedish flavors to a new level. Our way of working close to breeders, growers and producers provides quality throughout the process, says Maria Stridh, CEO of Stadshus restaurants, which runs a wide range of restaurants in Stockholm.

With Stadshuskällaren’s “In the forest. In the city”, takes chef Magnus Santesson and his team forward the Swedish flavors with high passion for carefully selected and produced raw materials and what Swedish nature provides.

We place great importance on the choice of our partners. Therefore, we keep close dialogue with our suppliers and visit them on a regular basis. Not least, we place a great focus on environment, animal husbandry and sustainability. We want to support small business owners while providing quality control throughout the process, says chef Magnus Santesson.

The kitchen has several ambitious employees. Souschef Magnus Åkerström recently won the title of the Young Chef of the Year 2017, where Stadshuskällaren had two of their chefs in the final. Magnus Åkerström was also nominated for the Young Industry Star of the Year. Pia Cedvall, Stadshuskällaren’s pastry cook, went to the Semifinal of the C3 Competition in Paris in October 2016, an international competition organized by Valrhona.

Maria Stridh is the third generation in the restaurant industry. She runs Stadshuskällaren and several businesses in Stockholm and Malmö – with the Nobel party in the Blue Hall as a prestigious mission.

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