STAD I DAG – A story after Fogelström

By on August 30, 2017

At a hotel in Stockholm, the new management has grand plans: they will be the new fix star on the hotel sky and in that match there are no scruples!

We meet among many other colorful characters a choleric hotel director, a prominent organization consultant, a cook with big dreams and a radical cleaner who struggle for union and solidarity.

We celebrate Per Anders Fogelström’s 100th birthday with an performance about people in Stockholm today. A multifaceted and multilingual ensemble takes on a fast and surprising journey in a contemporary Fogelström country: Theater Reflex in Kärrtorp!


PREMIERE Sat 23/9 at 15,

Wed 27/9 at 19, Thurs 28/9 at 19, Sat 30/9 at 15, We 4/10 at 19, Thurs 5/10 at 19, Sat 7/10 at 15,

Wed 11/10 at 19, Thurs 12/10 at 19, Sat 14/10 at 14, Wed 18/10 at 19, Thurs 19/10 at 19, Sat 21/10 at 14,

Wed 25/10 at 19, Thurs 26/10 at 19, Sat 28/10 at 15

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