Spring Program 2017 for City Museum and the Museum of Medieval

By on January 15, 2017

Some notable among programs

Spies, C Agency and a Swedish Tiger – hear about the intelligence services and saboteurs on Östermalms streets during World War II.

Brunkebergstorg – the square that disappeared – a personal journey with Stella Fare, from the battle in 1471 until the city transformation in 1969.

Female rooms in Södra Ängbythe functionalist architecture is well known but this is also a former infant’s home and a summer home for female clerks.

Aspudden from the cottage to the hip suburb a historical walk amongst tobacco plantations, dynamite production and small-scale urban life.

1800s Södermalm – take a tour of carriages, latrine tipping device and reformatories.

Epstein’s old town – journalist Lars Epstein takes us on a historical journey from the Middle Ages until today.

Jogging tour from monks to Söderhipsters – touchdown in Stockholm‘s cultural history with this tour from the middle ages to today.

Potato Revolution 100 years – follow among demonstrators and rebel women in Södermalm in hunger spring 1917th

Highlights of Fogel’s collection – see and hear about the author’s historical texts, maps, photos and stories that he used in his writing.


Hear about the realities Ulla Winblad, steamboat history, the transformation of Kvarnholmen, medieval miracles and more.

Museum Apartments

Visit our museum apartments and travel back in time: Block-maker’s house, Barnrik house, Stuckatörens floor, million program Tensta and Svartbrödraklostrets basement.

Museum of medieval Stockholm

At the Museum of Medieval becomes the story about Stockholm living again! Free admission. Views on different themes and family programs. Special programs for sports and Easter holidays.

Program and calendar

Printed program from February to May 2017, retrieved on Medieval Museum, City Archives, the city library and the Stockholm Visitor Center and Culture Direct, both in Kulturhuset. Pdf version is available as an attachment.

All programs are additionally up on our museums’ Web sites:



Tickets purchased online through web sites and museums in the Medieval Museum admission from 16 January.

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