Spirited autumn market as at the time around 1900!

By on September 20, 2018
Christina Westberg/Skansen

The last weekend of September is the annual autumn market at Skansen. A delicious weekend packed with everything from lingonberry and honey to the finest paintbrush and the most delicious dumplings. Maids and ploughman’s, musicians and market rascal coexist with tourists and stockholmers among the market stalls.

The market stalls in the Summer garden overflows of sausages and caramels, crafts and all kinds of goods. The restaurant keepers serve dumplings and pea soup, and behind the food tents stands the zinc tubs lined up where the dish madames clean plates and barrel. Here are also examples of how to enjoy dances and durspelare. Odd characters moves in the marketplace and here you can both get a reading and crush porcelain.







Markets played a major role in older times life of the people and were among the most important feast days of the year. They were considered as free days for farmers’ boys and girls where the little money they had saved together often ended. The last weekend in September, such an autumn market is being recreated on Skansen.








Photo: Christina Westberg/Skansen

The autumn market has been held at Skansen since 1991. It is designed as a typical Mikkelsmäss market, which was celebrated on Mikaeli Day September 29th and is one of the year’s highlights at Skansen. Here are fun items for young and old, and many are fit to dress in time-consuming costumes to go to market.








Photo: Bengt Berglund/Skansen

The autumn market will be held this year from 29th to 30th September at 11.00 – 16.00

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm