Spirit for Change opens on Tuesday

By on October 9, 2016

When people in India create their own business by making mountains of rubbish to the handling of new raw materials, then start many life and hopeful processes.

This creates a “Spirit for Change“, that change is possible, that the future carries the hope. It shows new photographic exhibition for Life Spirit for Change, where the photographer Pieter ten Hoopen followed Indian self-employed in environmental sustainability. Projects initiated by the organization Hand in Hand in cooperation with the local population, who then themselves manage their businesses.

We want with our Fotografiska for Life exhibitions help to direct the focus on important social issues. Sustainability, in all its senses, is something we are passionate about and our vision is to “Inspiring a more conscious world”, which this exhibition is a very good example. Right from the start of the Fotografiska, we have been involved in the project that highlights of other continents challenges and opportunities. We‘re the whole worlds Fotografiska, not just Europe, says Jan Broman, Fotografiskas CEO and co-founder.

Welcome to visit our brand new Fotografiska for Life exhibition on Tuesday, 11/10.

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