Spectra’s child helmets best in test

By on May 5, 2017

When Länsförsäkringar tested bike helmets according to new methods developed within the EU got the Cycleurope’s children helmets of the brand Spectra the highest rating, and one of the helmets was best tested.

Länsförsäkringar’s helmet test, with a total of 25 helmets, measures how well the helmets protect their head from oblique impact, so-called rotational violence. The kind of damage often causes more serious damage to the brain than straight impact. Despite the fact that oblique impact’s are both more common and more dangerous, it is still focus on the helmet’s shock absorbing ability in straight impact’s, where there are legal requirements.

Cycleurope is one of the companies whose helmets have been tested. Under the brand Spectra, among others are children’s helmets developed, and safety is something that is highly prioritized by the company, which looks very positive that testing methods have been developed to measure how well the helmets provide protection against rotational damage. This drives the whole industry to develop better helmets.

In the test, the Spectra helmets were excellent. In a big-headed test, Spectra Block Mip Jr got a nice third place with the review Very good, this helmet is also intended for junior sizes, and in the small-headed test, Spectra Helmer Mips got a first place with the review Best/Very good.

We have deliberately focused on combining the incredibly important safety work with an attractive design, and these placements feel like a receipt that we are doing the right thing. Now it is important that the entire industry starts working on the basis of the research findings that show that just oblique impact’s are most dangerous, says product manager Lars Svalin at Cycleurope AB in Varberg.