Soon opens Stockholm’s first veterinary clinic only for cats

By on January 27, 2019

Stockholm’s first cat clinic opens in Haninge

Every cat owner knows how stressed the cat can be during a veterinary visit. Firstly, the cat may be bad, partly all sounds and smells new and uncomfortable, and in addition there are often loud dogs in the waiting room.

Which cats don’t have to experience at Stockholms Kattklinik. No dogs come here. The waiting room is also furnished especially with regard to cats’ need to have supervision – there are shelves to put the cat cages on while waiting, so the cat does not have to be on the floor.

Melinda Rundström, clinic manager and licensed animal nurse and veterinarian Linda Devine are some of them who will receive you and your cat at Stockholm’s Kattklinik.

– Right now we are renovating as best we can, but we will open on February 4 and we can book times by phone already, says Melinda Rundström.

– Linda and I also work at Stockholm’s animal clinic in Alvik, but since we are especially passionate about cats, it will be fun and exciting to focus only on cats here at the new clinic.

The cat clinic is owned by Stockholms Djurklinik in Alvik but is located in Haninge – a short drive south of Stockholm, and wall to wall with Foderboden.

– At the cat clinic, it will be a little different compared to other veterinary clinics. For example, we will have longer examination times than many other clinics, because we know that most cats need that time in the meeting with new environments and people, Melinda says.

Everyone who works at Stockholms Kattklinik will also be specially trained in cats’ health and diseases, except that they of course like cats extra.


Melinda Rundström, a licensed animal nurse and clinic manager, has a university education in animal care and has worked as a nurse for several years both at a smaller clinic and an animal hospital. Melinda also works voluntarily with homeless cats for more than 15 years and is usually able to handle even the most scared pussycat.

Linda Devine is a veterinarian and has many years of experience from both animal hospitals and smaller clinics. She too has long struggled for Stockholm’s homeless cats. Linda has gone ISFM’s further education in cat medicine and is therefore extra knowledgeable about your cat’s needs.

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Haninge