Snowman Valle gets families to book ski trips

By on October 15, 2016

More and more families discover the opportunity to ski between the holidays and the winter holiday. Bookings during Valles Winter weeks in January have increased by 20 percent in just one year, according to new figures from SkiStar. One explanation is that the snowman Valles ski school for children included in the winter weeks this winter.

It’s fun to see that skiing in January is becoming a tradition for families with small children. When the snow is crisp and nice and there is plenty of space on the slopes, says Linda Morell, PR manager at SkiStar.

The focus on families with children in January weeks have led to an increasing interest for several years. Prior to this season, the fourth in succession, bookings increased significantly and is now 20 per cent above the level at the same time last year. The largest increase at SkiStar Vemdalen ski resort, where over 50 percent more booked.

Snowman Valle, the central character of SkiStar’s concept for children aged between three and nine years, has been in place since December 2013. The upcoming season includes Valles ski school for anyone booking ski holidays with SkiStar in Valles Winter Weeks.

Valles ski school is much more than just learning to ski lifts, brake and turn. Together with the Valle, the children learn how to travel safely and confidently from the start, which makes for more fun skiing whole life, says Linda Morell.

In addition to ski school also includes free ski hire and ski passes for children up to the age of seven under the Valles Winter Weeks. The period covers the weeks 2-6, 2017. Valles Ski School can be booked at SkiStar Scandinavian ski resorts throughout the winter season.