Sneak start the Series Festival

By on May 17, 2017

Upload fore the weekend’s Serie Festival together with the City Library! This week we invite you to two events in the series sign. First a maximum panel conversation on graphic design and copyright that is organized in collaboration with Swedish signatories. Thereafter vernissage and artist talk with Anneli Furmark.

This weekend, Stockholm’s international series festival takes place at Stockholm House of Culture . Those who can not bear to the festivities of the weekend can visit the City Library this week to upload with us. This week, two programs are organized on themed series and graphic expressions.

Today, May 17 at. 18.00-19.30, City Library and Swedish signatories invites to a talk about graphic design and copyright under the title “Talk!”. How can graphic design achieve higher status? In which cases does the designer have copyright? The questions will be discussed by a panel of seven prominent guests in design, research and justice. Among other’s comes Örjan Nordling, Senior Designer and Creator Manager at FamiljenPangea, Sanna Wolk, researcher in intellectual property law at IMK/Uppsala University and Monique Wadsted, Attorney and Partner at MAQS Law Firm. The call leader is Arina Stoenescu, member of the Swedish signatory board. To book a place for the program here >> 

On Friday, 19 May at 17:00, we will sneak start the Serie Festival with vernissage and artist talk with Anneli Furmark. In her latest series album En sol bland döda klot (Carthage, 2016), she works with the boundaries between figment and reality and blends her own fiction with Cora Sandels. The exhibition is part of the SIS, Stockholm International Series Festival, and the pictures will last until Friday 16 June. More info about the program can be found here >> 

If you do not have the opportunity to come to the programs but still want a series chill, we’ve collected a list of series albums and graphic novels on our website here >>

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