SM in Indoor Skydiving February 18, 2018

By on February 10, 2018
Lauri Aapro

Swedish Championship in Indoor Skydiving 18 Feb 2018

Svenska Fallskärmsförbundet in collaboration with Bodyflight Stockholm invites you to the third open Swedish Championships in Indoor Skydiving.

On February 18th in Bromma it will be new Swedish champion in Indoor Skydiving crowned. The contestants will race in the world’s highest wind tunnel, where free fall can be simulated at speeds over 300 km/h.

All 19 teams with a total of 58 competitors participate in the Swedish Open Championship in Indoor Skydiving on February 18 in Bodyflight’s wind tunnel in Bromma. The contestants come from all over Sweden and represent many of the country’s parachute clubs. The competition is just the same as in parachute jumping, but thanks to the wind tunnel, the audience can see everything that happens with only glass walls between themselves and the contestants.

– This is the third time we have SM with us at Bodyflight. It’s definitely the highlight of the year for anyone who likes extreme sports. The audience consists of everything from families with children to senior citizens, SM is open to all. It’s exciting to see in such close proximity the competitors struggle up to 300 km / h and everything can happen in these speeds! says Björn Gunnelöf, Bodyflight.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Bromma