Sleaford Mods to Sweden!

By on May 29, 2017

28 September – Debaser Strand, Stockholm

Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods has toil on with ten albums of as many years of frantic DIY music that reflects the British work-class experience – dirty, direct, minimalist, honest and completely british. Recently, Jason Williamsson and Andrew Fearn have finally received the tribute they deserve, and on September 28, the duo will be visiting Sweden for a long-awaited gig at Debaser Strand in Stockholm.

Sleaford Mods was started by Jason Williamson along with Simon Parfrement and in 2007, the first album was released as Sleaford Mods, but it took until 2012, when he was joined by Andrew Fearn, it began to gain momentum. Sleaford Mods is characterized by its unique sound: inspired by the eighties postpunk rapper Jason Williamson over minimalistic synth beats with texts inspired by life in England’s gray industry cities. With both humor and rage, Sleaford Mod’s music does not really compare to anything else today, and the band does not shuns anything in its criticism of society. Sleaford Mods is Britain’s most important rock actor in the Brexite World we live in.

The band’s tenth album “English Tapas” was released earlier this year to unisona tributes all over the world, and is also the duo’s first in the rich Rough Trade. Few bands mean as much as Sleaford Mods is doing right now.

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