By on January 2, 2017

Skott is the latest name to be added to the list by the Swedish artists who are on the verge of a huge international breakthrough. With a pounding heartbeat, a majestic production and a voice that is both fragile and powerful has Swedish Skott just laid the foundation for a unique new era of delicate, dark electronic pop. Seldom has the international music blogs so unanimously praised a newcomer that three times in a row topped the Hype Machine list.

When thePorcelain” was released last summer named Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 it immediately to the Hottest Record in the World quickly followed by Lorde, which was tweetedPorcelain, is da shit!” and FIFA 17 chose it to its soundtrack. The sequel “Wolf” was named by Apple Music to the World Record and was twittrades by Katy Perry “Wolf is wibes for days“! Followed closely by “Ameliawhich was twittrades by the Bastille and the latest single “Lack of Emotion” which is Swedish musikredaktörers favorite.

With live shows on BBC Radio 1 and P3 Session and concerts in London and Paris, it’s finally time for Skott in Stockholm.

During 2017 waiting albums and concerts in Europe and the US.

lör 7 jan 2017 Debaser Strand Stockholm

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