Skepparholmen Nacka in collaboration with Hållbara Hav

By on February 9, 2017

In order to further put the focus on the need for improvement of the Baltic Sea waters has Skepparholmen Nacka entered into a cooperation with the Hållbara hav. Hållbara hav is a foundation that creates commitment on future of the Baltic and informs about all the research done so that knowledge also gets into action.

– The work for the Baltic Sea is one of today’s most important issues, says Skepparholmen’s CEO Gabriella Persson Klahr. The Baltic Sea is classified as one of the world’s most contaminated seas by algae blooms, threatened birdlife, oxygen-free bottoms and big problems with fish stocks. Since eight years we organize a running event, “Skepparholmen running for the Baltic Sea”, to raise awareness about the problems of the Baltic Sea. New for this year is that the entry fees from the race disbursed in full goes to the Foundation Hållbara hav and their commitment to the Baltic Sea. We also leave a gift to the foundation where we give 5 SEK from each filled guest evaluation inquiry we receive from our guests, continues Gabriella Persson Klahr.

– The Baltic Sea has problems. Should we come to grips with the problems must all the good forces interact. It is important to get the knowledge about the Baltic Sea’s situation to the public, politicians and the business community. We work with the foremost researchers from Stockholm University and pass on their knowledge, says Göran Lindstedt, Secretary General of the Foundation Hållbara hav. A committed company like Skepparholmen is a very good way to reach out, share knowledge, create understanding and commitment. One can also like a private person be able to contribute, continues Göran Lindstedt.

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