Skansen’s drop in-wedding goes worldwide

By on June 7, 2017

Drop in-wedding was introduced on Skansen on a large scale in 2010. Since that time, it has had successors in many parts of Sweden. This year, you can marry both on national day and midsummer nights in several places, but extra fun is that the idea also spreads abroad.

The Danish Open-air Museum The Old Town of Aarhus is planning to have a drop-in wedding in September this year and the Sovereign Hill gold rush museum in Ballarat, Victoria, in Australia are also thinking about expand the business.

– At Sovereign Hill they are very interested, says Charlotte Ahnlund Berg at Skansen. We were visiting there when they mentioned their plans to have a drop in wedding. It is a happy surprise that it has spread to the other side of the globe, but Skansen is a precursor for outdoor museums all over the world.

One of the couples that comes to Skansen to marry this year is Marlene and Justin from California. They are both excited about the opportunity to marry at Skansen and are grateful for all the help they have received from Swedish tax authorities.

– We are so excited for the drop in wedding, says Marlene. Justin both love Skansen and wanted a casual wedding and loved the idea of getting married in one of our favorite places in one of our favorite cities with a bunch of other people! It seemed like a unique way for us to elope. It was a little difficult to make the arrangements to get legally married in Sweden because we are both US citizens but everyone at the tax office has been really helpful. I don’t think that the US tax office would be as lovely and responsive as they have been.

Extra fun is that we are going against a record this year, says the producer and initiator of Drop in-wedding Maria Kirsch. Around lunchtime on June 10th, the 3000th pair will be married in any of the wedding tents. We could never have believed we  who were with at the first easy chaotic summer day 2010.

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