Skansen’s birthday is celebrated for three days

By on September 29, 2016

The weekend of September 8 to 9, and on the actual birthday on October 11 celebrated 125 years with throng in city neighborhoods, mingling in the houses and workshops, roddarmadammer and gluttony in pastries at the cafes.

It is with pride that I look back at how we managed Arthur Hazelius vision, says Skansen Chief John Brattmyhr. We also see that many guests had strong ties to Skansen over the years. On our website we collected memories and we are really many who have reason to celebrate.

On the celebration program includes a living city blocks, views of Tottieska yard, roddarmadammer and an open Tells shed where everyone can share their memories of Skansen. In Seglora church is told about sadder fates which also belongs to history.

In the City Quarter’s shops, the work is in full swing, choir singers and positive slippery visible in the street crowd and the constable keeps track of people and animals. Museum Educators in period costume and skilled craftsmen gives a vivid picture of what life was like in a town in Sweden in the late 1800s and into the 1900s.

One can go on the visit of Madame Henrica and merchants Anders Tottie in their newly renovated 1770’s floor. Soon they move in! Since 2012, extensive renovations of the building, perhaps one of Skansen’s most beautiful. Now you can get a look behind the scenes and meet artisans, curators and museum educators in this exclusive preview.

Some of Stockholm’s history unfolds of course on the water. Here was a kind of “water taxi” until the mid-1800s. Roddarmadammer called the women that transported people and freight over water. In the dam at Orsakullen you meet these days Skansen’s own rower woman.

Mora cottage was one of the first buildings were erected Skansen’s consecration year 1891. It can also visit during these three days.

As part of the 125th anniversary Skansen has collected personal stories and memories of Skansen in 2016. They are available on the website where you will also find Skansen’s own memories since its inception. One of everyone who remember is Mark Levengood:

If NK was the finest, so was Skansen nicest. The adventure began with escalator that little questionable was marketed as “the world’s longest“. That may be what it wants with that matter, that was long enough for us to desperately keep us firmly with both hands , the grandmother was pale and beautiful and mumbled ‘this is the end, this is the end‘, she had a terrible vertigo even on weekdays. But we always came up safe and sound, and rushed out among the small huts on the mountain.”

Anyone who wants can still submit their story in place these days in the orange Tells Boden designed by artist Peter Johansson. Here one can record their Skansen Memory in a short film or sound recording.

Then you can indulge in deliciously chocolaty Skansen special cake – designed to chocolate lover Arthur Hazelius honor on the occasion of the 125th anniversary! Available at Skansen’s restaurants and cafes.

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