Skansen, Sweden’s most visited museum

By on January 14, 2017

Today presented the Association of Swedish Museums of their annual visits survey conducted among the members of the union. It is gratifying that museum visits is increasing, and the Skansen maintains its position as Sweden’s most visited museum.

– It has been an intense year, says Skansen Chief John Brattmyhr. We have celebrated 125 years, started a new and large projects and with the start of construction on the Baltic Sea project Baltic Sea Science Center and we can say that we had a large influx of foreign visitors during the high season.

We can also conclude that the reform with free admission visible in the slightly lower attendance figures, but the drop was less than we anticipated at the beginning of the year.

Skansen is an open air museum with the sky as the ceiling also had its fair share of rain and cold during the spring months, while the summer was perfect to take part in outdoor activities, sing community singing, scout at crafts and visit the animals.

We hope and believe that 2017 will be an exciting year with new challenges and successes, and that we are standing as Sweden’s most visited museum.

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