Skansen refurbishes chairs and supports the Red Cross

By on February 6, 2018

Skansen has started a project with the Red Cross Meeting Place Kupan Södermalm. The project means that Skansen will process furniture donated to the Red Cross’s Second Hand Store at Södermalm in gift by dressing them in Skansen’s wallpaper workshop. The recycled furniture is then returned to the Red Cross store, which can sell the furniture and use the surplus for social activities.

The wallpapering takes place within the framework of Skansen’s cultural and educational activities and is carried out by professional upholsterer, linked to the upholstery guild and Borgerskapet at Skansen. Upholsterers dress the furniture during the workshop’s opening ceremony and show and tell about the craft for Skansen’s guests.

When Skansen’s upholstery workshop brings alive the late 1800s, it is primarily time-consuming furniture from the time around the turn of the century or earlier. The first chairs are already delivered to the workshop, which is open about a weekend in the month. The work is funded by Skansen and is a contribution to the Red Cross Meeting Place Kupan Södermalm’s operations.

– We are incredibly pleased with the cooperation with Skansen since old used chairs through traditional and skilled professionalism and timely materials get a new life with a new owner. At the same time as the surplus benefits in the Red Cross’s social activities, says Rasmus Canbäck, store manager at Meeting place Kupan Södermalm.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm