Skansen-Jonas celebrates 40 years!

By on December 18, 2018

Yes, so the Skansen Aquarium has been around for 40 years at Skansen. Jonas is a bit older than that. He was only eight years old when the grandmother gave him an annual card at Skansen in 1960, and then he was lost to the academic world.

Snakes, insects, frogs, birds – he collected lots of small animals at home in the boy’s room. With the annual card in his hand, he also began to hang around the feet at the animal keepers at Skansen, and soon he got to help. 13 years old, he received his first hourly fee.

How did the school go then?
– I went out of primary school with grades, but bad grades, says Jonas. Many people think I’m a zoologist or biologist, but I’m not. I’m not Skansen boss either. In the past, I was called Skansen’s Alice Timander as well.

The Skansen Aquarium started in 1978 in the old monkey house that Jonas renovated. A few years before, he had to rent the building and had what was called Skansen-Terrariet. During these years, besides being seen in newspapers and TV couches, he worked unharmedly to feed endangered little prosimians, helped North Korean zoos, people formed the public, and helped numerous people come across spiders and snake phobias. He has also angered many with his drastic statements.

We sometimes crouches here when Jonas has been going, says John Brattmyhr, Skansen manager, but he often takes a stand against unpleasant tendencies like racism and paternalism, so it feels right at the end.

– It’s great fun working with such a driven animal lover and outgoing person, continues John. We are pleased with all the attention about animal issues and conservation work he has created over the years. We congratulate him for 40 successful years at the Skansen Aquarium and hope to see him here for many years.

The Skansen Aquarium celebrates the 40 years by inviting everyone on a free entrance to the aquarium all Christmas holidays from 22 December to 6 January. Does not include entry to Skansen.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm