Skansen is Stockholm’s favorite museum in 2017

By on February 17, 2017

This year’s edition of the survey “Stockholm’s favorite museum” is clear and Skansen is the winner. Skansen has had a positive development in recent years and ranks in this year as Stockholm’s favorite museum. This is apparent when Evimetrix presents how the public in the greater Stockholm values the 39 museums in the county.

I am extremely pleased and proud that Stockholmers choose us as their favorite museum, says Skansen Chief John Brattmyhr. We are the green living room in the city, and it is amazing that it is appreciated by so many. It is also a wonderful price and receipt to everyone who works at Skansen and meets guests every day.

We have worked strategically with all that Skansen can offer, continues John. For example, we renovated Ekorrparken for all children and invested heavily in service overall. It feels like we are starting to reach out with it!

Skansen also took home first prize in the category Strongest brand. The price categories Strongest brand and The years climber goes to museums that have increased the most in terms of how satisfied visitors were with their visit. The years climber were Biological Museum which also belongs to Skansen. That is the price to the museum which increased satisfaction most among its visitors. Worth mentioning is that the Biological Museum was also nominated last year and then came in second place, which shows that the two years in a row increased its customer satisfaction significantly.

In the category of most child-friendly museum Skansen came in third place after Junibacken and Tom Tits Experiment.

The survey was conducted by Evimetrix among the public in the greater Stockholm and about 1 800 people have commented on the 39 museums.

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