Skansen is investing in the future’s fuel!

By on March 8, 2017

Now refueled Skansens diesel cars, machinery and vehicles with EcoPar, an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel. The reduction in emissions equivalent to 98 flights to Stockholm – Paris or 407 car trips Stockholm – Gothenburg.

Switching to cleaner fuel is included in Skansen’s work on sustainable development and is in line with Sweden’s national environmental goals. At Skansen is working continuously to environmentally adapt all parts of the business. It means continuous development and review of energy efficiency, waste management, emissions to land, air and water including pollution prevention.

– We have taken a big step forward in environmental work, says Karin Ringholm who manage Skansen Park and garden department. At last we can replace diesel and start to drive more environmentally friendly with all vehicles, not just with the electric cars.

EcoPar Bio is an ultrapure and completely fossil-free fuel. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 90% compared to crude oil-based diesel. The exhaust gas carcinogenic components are reduced by up to 90%. Those who have had health problems of diesel exhaust feel that pain decreases significantly or disappear completely when EcoPar Bio used as fuel.