Skansen Foundation: The Children’s Stage Summer

By on June 15, 2018

The stages on Skansen are not just for adults, children’s programs also take place among jazz evenings, live concerts and sing along at Skansen. In summer, the children’s stage summer will begin with Peter and the Wolf in the interpretation of Radio Symphonics on June 16, Babblarna – the first musical will be given June 17 and August 26 and the Children’s sing along will start Sunday July 1 at Sollidenscenen. The Lill-Skansen Center provides four performances per day at Lill-Skansen’s small amphitheater and children show sing and dance playes on Tingsvallenscenen on Sundays.

Peter and the Wolf
Saturday 16 June performs the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra music story Peter and the wolf of Sergey Prokofiev (1891 – 1953) at 13.00 and 14.00. The narrator is Nassim Al Fakir and conductor Anna-Maria Helsing. The story of Peter and the Wolf is originally a folk story about the young Peter who accidentally releases a duck from his grandfather’s farm. The duck gets eaten by the wolf and the hunters want to shoot it, but Peter prevents them and it is instead taken to a zoo.

Sundays on June 17 and August 26 at 2 pm is the time for Babblarna as a musical – a story of love and thought about each other, about adventure, courage and about that different is good also. All packed with language development, special education and swinging music in the first place – presented with speech, characters, songs and dance.









The children’s sing along
The children’s sing along is premiered on July 1st. Then there is full speed every Sunday with Ayla Kabaca, Daniel & Yankho, a current guest performer, Krumelur Orchestra, Kids Choir Spektrum, led by Marie Bejstam and young dancers from Lasse Kühlers Dance School. Guests in this year’s round of Children’s Sing along are Daniel Norberg on July 1, Chris Kläfford July 8, Mendez July 15, Sean Banan July 22, Sigrid Bernson July 29, Wiktoria August 5, Renaida August 12 and Kamferdrops at the season ending August 19th.

Little Skansen Theater
Every day, the Lill-Skansen theater offers “picnic theater” 11.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 15.00. Picnic theater is an interactive theater form where the audience can participate on stage. Everything is well-repetitive and incorporated, except for the audience’s reactions and suggestions. The children’s desire to tell, fantasy and play is the spice in the performances of the Lill-Skansen Theater, which always assumes the audience’s willingness to participate “on the floor”. The performances are newly written for the Lill-Skansen theater and consistently contain newly written music.







Song and dance play
On the Tingsvallenscenen, various sing and dance playes are shown sundays from 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm this summer. The audience will learn more about how they emerged and formed over the years. Many playes reflect the time in the late 1800’s. Then it was primarily young people who devoted themselves to mimics and proposal playes that could be used as a pretext to come close to someone who they would get to know better. The song and dance playes that are left today are old playes that gained new content in the meeting of the present. They are available in different varieties in different parts of the country and countries.









Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm