Skansen Foundation: So shall white-backed woodpecker be rescued

By on January 30, 2018

Now the new action program starts to save white-backed woodpeckers in its leafy environments. There are fewer than ten nesting couples in the country. Today, January 30, a workshop on the action program will be held. Then you can also see the white-backed woodpeckers found on Skansen.

A national workshop at Skansen will be re-launching the work to save white-backed woodpecker left in Sweden. Behind the meeting is the County Administrative Board in Uppsala County, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Forestry in cooperation with Skansen and Sveaskog.

The white-backed woodpecker is one of Sweden’s most endangered bird species with fewer than ten hedging pairs in the country. The goal is now to take measures to save the white-backed and its habitats.

– By favoring white-backed woodpeckers, so is more than 200 other rare species also benefit. It is a whole ecosystem in the deciduous forest, which is the home of a white-backed woodpecker, says the county administrative officer Maria Forslund, commissioned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to raise the issue of the white-backed at the national level.

The purpose of today’s workshop at Skansen is to inspire the implementation of the action program. There will be discussions about goals, needs and actions and how the different actors will work together. The program, among other things, points out measures that need to be taken to increase the amount of deciduous forests in Sweden and get the right quality for these deciduous forest environments.

12:00-13:15, participants will visit Skansen’s aviary for white-backed woodpecker.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm