Skansen celebrates 125 years old with the restoration of original glass!

By on November 11, 2018
Maria Johansson

Just before the jubilee of the Museum of Biology, it is clear that much has happened since the museum was closed to the public in August 2017. The iconic building on Djurgården now has good hope of the future, and the Skandinavian John Brattmyhr believes in a solution.

– We are seeing the challenges with the Biological Museum, which has major maintenance needs, says John Brattmyhr, and we have had long talks with the county administrative board to jointly resolve the funding. It looks like we are well on track to start the upgrade.

Skansen has applied for funds to restore the skylights to original shipment and to make the museum monument explained.

– At the building monument declaration decides protection rules which, among other things, says how to care for the building and how changes can be made. It will put extra high demands on us and the activities we will be able to do in the long run in the Biological Museum.

– We have also applied to restore the museum’s skylight to an original similar to that from 1893. Skansen has, in consultation with the County Administrative Board and Building Antiquity, carried out test windows for a restoration. Stage one of the change of windows is ongoing until the end of the year. Stage two is happening in 2019, alternatively in 2020. During the period of exchange, other interiors and exteriors will be performed. Renovation of the entire building will cost several of millions, money that Skansen lacks.

The Biological Museum will continue to be closed, probably until 2020.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm