Skansen at top when drop in-wedding trend is spreading

By on February 11, 2017

For each year becomes the number of churches, museums, ski centers and other institutions that arrange drop in-wedding more. Many choose to put it on Valentine’s Day. Skansen, which started the trend, are sticking to early summer wedding, and instead start the countdown on 14 February. This year is the eighth time lucky and 115 days left until 10 June, when Sweden’s biggest wedding feast is held.

It is both gratifying and flattering that so many people have seen what we are doing and also want to arrange drop in- weddings, says Maria Kirsch, producer at Skansen.

Last year chose 465 couples to marry on the drop-in.

– Sure, there will be some queuing, but the atmosphere tends to be on top and Skansen and the wedding couples rays together, says Maria Kirsch.

As in previous years are needed basically no planning at all for those who want to get married. Everything is in place – civil marriage officials and priests, witnesses, music, florists, photographers, champagne, strawberries, restaurants and picnic sites. No booking required, just valid marriage license and identification.

Number of drop in- weddings at Skansen in previous years:
2010: 357
2011: 257
2012: 436
2013: 436
2014: 463
2015: 440
2016: 465

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