Skansen and Skansen Aquarium on the same ticket!

By on February 22, 2017

Finally you can buy admission to both Skansen and Skansen Aquarium simultaneously. Combination ticket is launched in time for sports holiday on 25 February and the prices will be 220 – for adults, 200: – for student / senior and 110 – for children.

At Skansen going on sports holiday activities and at Skansen Aquarium you can meet all sorts of animals from sloths, meerkats, snakes, sharks, spiders and crocodiles to name just a few. Now it will be easier for everyone to take advantage of both. Combination ticket costs 220: – for adults, 200: – for student / senior and 110 – for children.

We are pleased to have found a good solution to something that many of our guests asked for, says Skansen Chief John Brattmyhr. Skansen Aquarium is an important player here with us and a fantastic aquarium.

Sports holiday at Skansen offers a barbecue and loans of kicks or stilts at Bollnästorget, fairy tales and stories by the fire in the Back Mats cottage, carving the Skogens house where you can also see the exhibition Animals in winter or cozy up the book corner. It is Open circus school the Brage Hall every day. It’s sporty as in the 1930s the hardware stores and Konsum shop next door is open. One can visit the Forest Workers Hut and see how lumberjacks lived 100 years ago. To which Skogsmulle comes on 4 March.

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