Skåne’s Dance Theater color bombs the Dance House

By on April 19, 2017

When Skåne’s Dance Theater now comes to visit Stockholm, is it with a work full of color. In the company’s new performance “SPECTRUM”, six dancers explore our reaction to colors.

For the choreography stands the internationally acknowledged Ben Wright. The idea of the show was born when Ben found his grandfather’s old watercolor paintings with sketches and notes. Among the amateur painter’s notes about color theories, there was a list of associations for each color, written in 1958.

The notes started a lot of thoughts about color and context in me. What controls how we perceive red, blue or green, says Ben Wright.

The music in Spectrum is modern folklore about colors, created by composer Jules Maxwell. He has recently composed for Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London and the productions Doctor Faust (2012), Antonius and Cleopatra (2014), Merchant in Venice (2015/16) and Boudicca (2017).

Spectrum had it’s first premiere at Skåne Dance Theater in Malmö in February 2017 and is now coming to the Dance House for two performances:
– Thursday 20 April at 19.00
– Friday 21 April at 19.00

Photo: Malin Arnesson

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