Skajs Antikhandel shows Strövtåg and Järngraven

By on September 5, 2017

The photographers Arne Lind and Anders Thessing show a large selection of photographic works at the common exhibition Strövtåg and Järngraven.

The exhibition takes place at Skajs Antikhandel 8-16 September, Nybrogatan 3, Stockholm.

Arne Lind (born 1950) is a Swedish photographer based in Stockholm. At Skaj Antikhandel, he shows photographic works from Stockholm’s sidewalks, to street life in Buenos Aires, Bucharest, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and New York.

Anders Thessing (born 1961) shows the series Järngraven, photographic works taken inside and around the beautifully worn Slussen, a characteristic traffic venue that has disappeared today from the cityscape of Stockholm.

Arne Lind has been photographically active since the 1970s. His pictures are mostly taken with analogue camera in the 1970s.

“I see myself as a roam photographer depicting moments in the everyday I encounter at home or abroad,” says Arne Lind, who has been a professional graphic designer at major advertising and design agencies, as well as Art Director on the magazine FOTO and Euroworld .

Arne Lind has participated in the legendary photo exhibition Planket in Vita Bergen in Stockholm on several occasions since its inception, latest 2017. Separate exhibition Studio Bergamott, Stockholm, 2010. His photos were represented in The Big Book (The World’s Biggest Photo Book) at Cannes Lions, France, 2011 . He participated in the Free Photographers Branch, Kulturhuset Stockholm, 2016-17.

Lind has produced the photo book Walk with me.

Anders Thessing’s photo track began in New York 1986-88 when he worked as a photographer assistans for some of the most famous fashion and advertising photographers in the world. Since returning to Sweden in the late 80’s, he has been a professional photographer with Stockholm as a base. Over the years, Anders Thessing has photographed many of our premier artists, fashion, food and has taken a lot of images to record covers. Among the contractors are Volvo, NK, H & M, Vecko-Revyn, Elle, Stockholm taverns Oaks and Sturehof.

The photographic works of the Järngraven series are art prints on art paper mounted on aluminum and photographed in black and white, most taken with large-format camera.

“For many years, I passed Slussen every day on my way to the studio,” says Anders Thessing. “It was a little secret place where people sat their imprint for many decades. Slussen had been in peace. Such environments are being built away today, everything is so renovated and fixed that it eventually becomes impersonal.”

Thessing has also released the photo book Järngraven.

The exhibition Strövtåg and Järngraven takes place from 8-16 September, opening hours weekdays at 12-18 (closed monday), saturday 12-16.

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