SIT’s Feminist Bergman Festival

By on June 5, 2018

Meet Harriet Andersson, Gunnel Lindblom, Marie Göranzon and Ewa Fröling in a talk about Bergman, opening day 22/8 at Strindberg’s Intima Theater’s feminist Bergman festival.

Welcome to enjoy our twelve-day and full-length programs featuring performances by Charlotte Engelkes, Anna Wallander, Staffan Westerberg, Azin Borhani, Kimiya Faghih, Arvid von Heland, Hannah Sommerfors, Julia Sporre, Linnea Nilsson, Hanna Nygårds, Andreas Ferrada Noli , The Theater Group Hundarna, Anna Pettersson and others. as well as conversations, workshops and readings with Ulla Åberg, Lars Ring, Amelie Björck, Karin Helander, Carolina Frände, Jane Friedmann, Kristina Adolphsson, Cecilia Lindqvist, Mikaela Ramel and others.

SIT focuses on the women who worked with and who lift Ingmar Bergman and his work. We proudly present four actresses who worked with Ingmar Bergman’s lyrics and with the same as director; Harriet Andersson, Ewa Fröling, Marie Göranzon and Gunnel Lindblom. On the opening of the festival 22/8 they meet in a unique conversation about Bergman’s work and how they relate to the structures that dominated Swedish tales and films.

The aim of the festival is to place Bergman’s work and heritage through new interpretations, renovations and current discourses. SIT continues to explore the possibility of linking Swedish theater history with the stories of tomorrow by assuming the actor’s formulation. Now it is time to review the relationship between Strindberg, Bergman and the canon that dominated and influenced the idea of quality. Vitality, presence, nerve and interaction are the focus of generating new forms, expressions and stories that lead into the future.

Welcome to Strindbergs Intimate Theater’s feminist Bergman Festival 22/8 – 2/9

For more information see: (The festival program will be presented in full 1/7)

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm