Silver over campfire

By on March 7, 2017

Thursday, 27 April starts Petronella Eriksson’s exhibition “Silver over the campfire” on Nutida Svenskt Silver. In her imaginative objects meets the indestructible silver the reusable and temporary. Use her silver jugs, making coffee in them over an open fire. Eat porridge with her silver spoons and give them temporary shafts of sticks.

The inspiration comes from the forest and childhood. Memories of campfires, coffee pot over the fire, coffee jar of birch bark and the smell of smoke. There were moments without stress. Then every movement was a joy in the present. Vacant daily activities full of life and socializing.

With its exhibition wants Petronella Eriksson emphasizing silver’s usefulness. It should be touched, washed, torn, get the patina and bring joy. The material works better then. Her pitchers want to become sooty and washed in a stream, among ferns and damp moss.

– But I also want to get people to reflect on the primeval forest. The real forest that for centuries had to be untouched without logging. Where there’s everything from tender tree shoots to the mossy remnants of ancient giants. Where it grows 1000 species that are not in a managed forest.

Petronella Eriksson is a member of the Nutida Svenskt Silver and trained as a goldsmith at the goldsmith school in Mjölby and metal designers MFA College of Arts, 2000. Since 2001 is she co-owner of Gallery LOD, on the Northern Agnegatan in Stockholm, where she has her studio.

She is represented at the National Museum and the Museum Rhöska. Her work has been shown in a long series of exhibitions in Sweden, Italy, USA, Belgium, Japan and the former Yugoslavia. One of her pitchers adorned one of the stamps in the series “Iron and Silver” which PostNord manufactured during 2015.

The exhibition runs until 20/5

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