Siku Wavivu – students show the way for sustainable fashion

By on February 23, 2017
Siku Wavivu is a newly established fashion company whose philosophy is that you should not have to compromise between enjoying life and at the same time have a sustainable lifestyle. Siku Wavivus products are sustainably produced and supports the project The Ocean Cleanup, at the same time as they reminding the wearer to relax and unwind.
Siku Wavivus products consist of 70% sustainably produced bamboo and 30% organic cotton, and for each purchased product goes 5% of the profits to the project The Ocean Cleanup that works to clear the seas of plastic pollution. Inspired by The Ocean Cleanups thinking and their goal is to launch the project in 2020 to clear the entire Pacific Ocean from plastic pollution, it became obvious to Nathalie Petersson and Louise Åkerman to make a difference by supporting the project. The hope is also to inspire others to dare to do the same.
To be able to make a difference in the long term we do not believe that taking responsibility for the environment should be based on a guilty conscience. Through our work with Siku Wavivu we can show that you can have fun while doing a good thing. It is easier to take responsibility if we do not take themselves too seriously and hence our slogan on the shirts, says co-founder Louise.
Nathalie and Louise are studying both at university in England where the press from school is big and long days and nights devoted to studies. With the feeling of wanting to make a difference, and with the realization of the importance of taking a break, started Nathalie and Louise the company which, through its design will remind the wearer to relax and enjoy lazy days‘.
Siku Wavivu is Swahili and means “lazy days”. Looking at increased health problems due to stress and how people around us, and of course we ourselves, struggling to put together the puzzle of life, we can only conclude that all need a break once in a while. With the pressures of our products, we hope that we can remind you of the importance to relax and enjoy life, says Nathalie, CEO and co-founder of Siku Wavivu.
Siku Wavivu is a lifestyle brand based in Stockholm. Read more here >>
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