Sigrid Ingela Blom, Portable Items, May 12 – 31

By on March 29, 2018

Portable Objects
12-31 May 2018

In the separate show “WHITE WEDDING”, Sigrid Ingela Blom shows a number of portable items with space for loving secrets. Here you can collect memories and personal things; a handwritten letter, a photograph, a key, a significant stone or a shell from a beautiful beach.

The wedding dress has a central place in the exhibition. In it you are naked, even though you are dressed. The dress is made up of small, lightweight collapsed transparent cubes that hold personal memories and things from a past era. Some cubes are completely closed, and maybe they may remain, or they will eventually open. There are also some empty, full of expectations cubes to fill.

Sigrid Ingela Blom is educated Silversmith according to Old Age Tradition, is a KRO and KHVC member as well as connected to Galleries and has dealers around the country. She has had several exhibitions, participated in jury-judged, group and member exhibitions.

In 2016, Sigrid Ingela Blom Lions received a Cultural Grant “for her many years of artistic creation in the fields of painting, metal and music” and she crosses the various art forms in various works and projects.

Personally & Unique is her absolute specialty, but she also makes small-scale series, preferably on theme with variation. All work is done by hand in Ateljé & Verkstad, from idea to finished work.

She regularly receives special orders, repairs, puts & polishes as well as carrying out recasting.

Expression & Shape, as well as the desire to constantly explore the possibilities of metal pervades her daily work in Ateljé & Verkstad, where solid arts and craftsmanship and sensitivity are in absolute focus.

Galleri Hantverket

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