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By on May 13, 2017

The art world has its spring salon at Liljevalchs. The photograph has the autumn salon at Fotografiska. What you may not know is that even the movie has a forum where anyone can submit contributions: the STOCKmotion Film Festival. Here, filmmakers from the age of six and above are welcome to sign up their films and compete for a prize pool worth over half a million.

Now the application is open for the autumn STOCKmotion Film Festival. A festival that welcomes filmmakers of all ages and has given many young filmmakers the opportunity to get a foot in the film world.

With today’s cheap and easy-to-use technology, more than ever can make its first movie. The level of movies is also getting higher. Art and photography have their spring and autumn salons open to everyone to search for – STOCKmotion is the equivalent of the film. So why let your movie stay in the drawers?

STOCKmotion can be your ticket to the movie industry. Just hear what these previous winners have to say:

Linnea Åkerman, winner in category Middleweight at STOCKmotion 2016 for Bakom herrens port:

To win prize on STOCKmotion has given me the opportunity to meet new people and make new contacts in the industry. I have also shown my films at other festivals, both in Sweden and abroad.

– I would really recommend others to search to STOCKmotion, you have nothing to lose! You get the chance to see a lot of other movies and be inspired and meet people who share the same interest as you.

Anton Forsdik, winner in the Lightweight category at STOCKmotion 2015 for Jag vill inte leva någon annanstans:

After winning STOCKmotion, I gained more confidence. I realized that I was good at creating movies and therefore I began to spend more time on film creation. I sent the film to festivals abroad, and it was both nominated and won a film festival.

– It can be difficult to find people who can film in the usual cases. But under STOCKmotion it’s very easy to find people who want to work together. Especially as it is a festival for filmmakers.

Ida Lindgren, winner in the category 27+ at STOCKmotion 2016 for Kroppen är en ensam plats:

– To win was a great recognition for me and my coworkers. I like that all A functions are highlighted and be praised also at a short film festival.

– STOCKmotion gives a chance to showcase your movie, meet your audience and get reactions to your work. There is a chance to meet like-minded people and get a big dose of inspiration.

This year’s STOCKmotion will take place on 13-14 October 2017 at Filmhuset in Stockholm.

Sign up your Movie here >>

Deadline for sign up is 25 maj.

Read more about STOCKmotion here >>

Movies can compete in the following categories:
27+: 27 years or older. Max 30 min.
Heavy weight: 20-26 years, max 15 min. Selection to the November Festival.
Medium weight: 16-19 years, max 15 min. Selection to the November Festival.
Dokhopp: Documentary film, max 30 minutes.
Lightweight 2: 13-15 years, max 10 min.
Lightweight 1: 6-12 years, max 10 min.

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